Abraham Lincoln Death Centenary

Abraham Lincoln was born on 12th Feb 1809. It is a fact of history that nations produced men or equal to the times. India had Mahatma Gandi to guide her in her struggle for freedom. To the United States of America Came Abraham Lincoln in her tribulation. The two Great leaders were motivated by two basic convictions-belief in the common man and belief in the ultimate triumph of truth.

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Lincoln the 16th president o f USA was called to the Helm of affairs in  1861 at a time when that country was on the verge of a civil war over the question of the abolition of Negros Slavery. The Civil war which lasted for four long years ended in victory for the Northern States, thanks to Lincoln’s Stewardship.

He earned the gratitude of his country men by preserving the union of the USA and of millions of Negros by abolishing Slavery. His Creed was simple-“As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master”.

By his percept and examples Abraham Lincoln served the cause of the down trodden & the Oppressed not only in his country but all over the world.  

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