Purandaradasa is the most popular among the ‘Haridasas’ of Karnataka. He was born at Purandaragada, near Poona in 1484 A.D.  In early life he followed his father’s occupation of a trader and amassed great wealth but renounced all his riches and the world later. He sought spiritual guidance from the contemporary religious savant, Vyasaraya and devoted himself to a life of piety and religion.

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His love of God found expression in innumerable poems in Kannada which are widely sung to this day. Though the language of this compositions is highly Poetic it is adorned with which imagery and similes drawn from common life and has a great power of moving the listeners . In the words of an eminent critic, his works invited, “indicate a mind familiar with the world and its ways and inclined has much to see without as within. Wide Knowledge, deep experience and a great Love of humanity are visible in them. Their range is great.”

Though his mother tongue was Kannada and he wrote in that language, he was an erudite scholar of Sanskrit. Tradition credits him with having composed 4,75,000 songs besides other works on Hindu Mythology.

The Posts & Telegraphs Department his privileged to issue  special stamps in memory of Purandaradasa on this occasion.


Technical Data

Date of issue                      :  14.01.1964

Denomination                    :  0.15 ps

Overall Size                         :  3.91 x 2.90 cms

Printing Size                        :  3.63 x 2.62 cms

No: per Issue Sheet           :  35

Colour                                  :  Light Brown 

Perforation                         :  13

Printing process                :  Photogravure

No: printed                        :  2.5 million

Designed and Printed at  : India Security Press

Water Mark                        : All over multiple ‘Lion Capital of Asoka’


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